You may not realize it yet, but your high-performing server might not actually be reaching its full performance and energy efficiency potential due to an underlying issue that can be nearly undetectable.  What’s worse is that the reliability of your servers could also be jeopardized.


Even though you might not be able to see it or feel it, most server installations are subject to some level of vibration that is introduced internally within the chassis (e.g. fans, drives) and also by the external environment (air conditioning, adjacent servers, ambient noise, etc).  Certain resonant frequencies of this vibration can have a detrimental effect on the performance of hard drives within the server.  This performance degradation has a greater impact during periods of more intensive reads and writes, which successive failures and retries can slow down overall system performance.  In some cases, a system can even crash if an operating system is running on the impacted drive.  The effects can range from negligible to severe depending on the intensity and resonant frequencies of the vibration being produced—such as very noisy environments or fans running at high speed under thermally constrained conditions.


While this vibration issue has always been around, it hasn’t been a problem until more recently when the capacities and aerial densities of hard drives have increased to a point where they are more susceptible to the effects of vibration.  Some server vendors and rack solution providers have already identified this as an area of concern, and are taking measures to address it.  But many others are not.  Customers need to be wary of the vibration issue in order to make better choices for servers they rely on.


Kontron has attacked the issue head-on by integrating innovative vibration suppression technologies into its communication rack mount servers.  In doing so, the effects of vibration within the chassis from internal and external sources have been greatly reduced.  This enables customers to achieve greater performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.  It also allows customers to choose from a larger selection of hard drive types and sizes (where even marginal drives are much more likely to work reliably) and to deploy denser systems to operate at higher temperatures.


I encourage you to read more about Kontron’s Communication Rack Mount Servers on the Kontron website and to also download the attached whitepaper on “Maintaining High Performance and Reliability: Innovative Vibration Suppression Technology for Communication Rack Mount Servers” for more information on this important topic.  And I invite you to take full advantage of Kontron’s expertise and unique product design in order to mitigate the risk of vibration in your server environment.



Keith Taylor

Product Manager, Communications Rack Mount Servers