Jim Robinson, General Manager, Marketing and Business Operations, Intel® Intelligent Systems Group, has just published a groundbreaking article in Boards & Solutions magazine on the rise of Intelligent Systems within the embedded industry. In it, he points out that the demand for embedded computing is booming and that billions of devices are being deployed to power a wide variety of applications in communications, energy, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and retail. Across these and other applications, a common theme is emerging: devices need to be more than isolated, fixed-function systems. They need to become Intelligent Systems with advanced connectivity and functionality. Developing and selling these Intelligent Systems is the key to being a player in the explosion in devices and data.




Robinson in the article looks at what it takes for a device to be an Intelligent System and how these devices deliver expanded functionality, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiency to businesses and consumers. He also gives details how Intel and the Intel® Embedded Alliance are providing the processing performance, connectivity, security and manageability necessary to bring these systems to life. The article closes with a look at some example solutions being offered by Intel and the Alliance in key industries such as communications, retail and automotive.




Take this opportunity to learn all about Intelligent Systems and how you can be a player in this new breed of embedded devices. Click on the pdf below to read for the full article.