Over the next five years, smart, cloud-connected systems—also known as Intelligent Systems—will transform embedded industries such as retail, automotive, manufacturing, and communications. To build these next-generation designs, developers will need to incorporate completely new kinds of features such as cloud and enterprise connectivity, advanced security and manageability, and service- and commerce-enablement. This will be a tough challenge for organizations that lack expertise in these fields.


What’s needed is a collaborative design model that allows developers to focus on their unique application expertise, leaving the new requirements to partners who have already solved the challenges. As demonstrated in the latest Embedded Innovator magazine, you can meet this goal by working with the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. The 200+ members of the Alliance collaborate closely with Intel and each other to deliver sophisticated solutions ranging from modular components to highly integrated, market-ready systems. By working with the Alliance, you can continue to concentrate on what you do best while expanding your product line to include Intelligent Systems. And by relying on the Alliance to simplify the complex design process, you can deploy Intelligent Systems ahead of the competition.




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Kenton Williston

Roving Reporter (Intel Contractor), Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance

Editor-In-Chief, Embedded Innovator magazine

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