As we all know, the Internet isn’t just for people anymore. But that doesn’t mean that bringing intelligent systems onto the Internet of Things and getting them to work together well is an easy task. Fortunately, a new article in Boards & Solutions magazine shows us it doesn’t have to be rocket science. You just have to look for solutions based on the new Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework


The article’s author is Jim Robinson, General Manager, Marketing and Business Operations, Intel® Intelligent Systems Group. In the article, he explains how this new framework provides a blueprint for hardware, operating systems, and tools that simplifies the delivery of interoperable solutions. He talks about the players behind this new specification and what they’re doing to support it. He shows how the specification enables scalability and cutting-edge connectivity, manageability and security across applications. And he explains the framework’s role in helping support solutions designed to turn big data into business intelligence.


Download the article now to learn how you can use this framework to streamline the development of your designs for the Internet of Things.