By Franz Walkembach, Senior Product Manager, Wind River


The GENIVI Alliance had recently released its latest compliance specification GENIVI 3.0, and Wind River Platform for Infotainment was among the first to achieve it. Why should this matter? It’s all about trust, scalability and quality.


GENIVI®, Autosar, Car Connectivity Consortium…these are all groups created in order to set up standards across the auto industry. A long-time expert in this domain, Wind River is a founding member of the GENIVI® Alliance, keeping pace with the latest IVI developments and even helping to drive some of the changes coming from the Alliance. Wind River participates on the GENIVI board, marketing council and several expert groups. Wind River’s engineers have been in charge of leading initiatives such as including Android inside a GENIVI design. They are also currently leading the BIT (base integration team).


As the BIT lead, Wind River plans and manages the ongoing team releases (every 6 weeks!), organizes and coordinates the BIT projects (e.g. Baseline automated testing). In addition, as Meta-IVI maintainer, Wind River releases and maintains a GENIVI baseline built on the Yocto project (also every 6 weeks). This baseline has to align with other GENIVI goals, like the IP policy and various contributors such as silicon vendors and users of the baselines.


GENIVI has been working towards a compliance program that further helps align the industry and simplify things such as automotive requirements. In October, the Alliance updated their compliance program, introducing the latest specifications for GENIVI Compliance 3.0. In the automotive world, where everybody knows everybody, and quality is of critical importance, compliance is increasingly becoming an effective way to show that a vendor is:

A) Well connected within the ecosystem,

B) Trusted with a solid reputation,

C) Up-to-date and drives innovative changes,

D) Offering software that meets the highest quality and latest requirements and is scalable across different platforms.


There are 19 parties registered in the compliance program so far. While most have received compliance with earlier GENIVI specifications (versions 1.0 or 2.0), just a few have achieved level 3.0 compliance. With every new compliance specifications release, a variety of new requirements are introduced for different stacks inside an IVI platform, like CE Connectivity, HMI-Application Framework, System Infrastructure, Networking and so on.


Currently, Wind River Platform for Infotainment has achieved GENIVI 3.0 compliance. However, compliance is just one part of it. Our platform also comes with a wealth of other features such as:Riv

  • A semi Linux kernel (based on Yocto Meta-IVI)
  • Optional solution accelerator such as an IPod software solution
  • Downstream support
  • ADK (Application developer kit) for user space development helps to develop applications and product demos in a couple of weeks
  • PDK (Platform developer kit) for kernel space development to configure software platforms
  • Patches to increase the quality of open source


Additionally, other silicon vendor BSP Compliance statements will follow soon.

Wind River Platform for Infotainment is a Linux-based, GENIVI-compliant run-time platform specifically tuned for the IVI market. It can be used as a fast track for demo development or a solid core for platform development. The platform is designed, packaged and tested to support an all set of automotive features.


The GENIVI compliance program was launched in August 2011, and it’s been gaining quite serious momentum since then.  And of course, Wind River will be sure to continue to track closely with the compliance program at every step!


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