6WIND recently made a number of announcements involving key industry partners, including:


The transformation of telecom and networking enabled by SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) is often compared to the server virtualization and cloud revolution that happened a few years ago.


There is however a major difference. Standard applications “only” need processing capabilities, memory and storage to run efficiently in a virtualized environment. Designing cloud-based network architecture and virtualized networking functions also require high speed and secured I/Os.


I believe the combination of high performance generic hardware platforms based on the latest generation of multi-core processors, leading open source software platforms, 40Gbe Ethernet solutions and the 6WINDGate data plane software is a great foundation for addressing the transformation of telecom and networking.


6WIND is committed to being a key player in the ecosystem that brings compelling solutions for the industry to accelerate network virtualization. We will lead other major industry initiatives and announce breakthrough products soon.


Stay tuned…