In a recent post, we summarized a number of announcements that 6WIND recently made involving key industry partners. We also announced that 6WIND will lead other major industry initiatives to bring compelling solutions for the industry to accelerate networking and telecom transformation.


6WIND is proud to announce the establishment of the open-source project to accelerate development of Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK) architecture-based networking and telecoms products.


In telecom, enterprise and cloud applications, the Intel® DPDK, which is a set of optimized libraries and drivers provided to OEMs under a BSD licensing model, is an increasingly viable foundation for packet processing. However, the development of a complete networking and telecom application requires strong expertise.



As a major contributor to the Intel® DPDK, 6WIND has developed valuable enhancements to the software including crypto support via AES-NI, virtualization support, Mellanox 40GbE ConnectX®-3 EN series and Cavium Nitrox® support.


6WIND also developed strong expertise in leveraging the Intel® DPDK as a result of optimizing its 6WINDGate™ data plane solution (comprising virtual switch acceleration, IP forwarding, virtual routing, IPsec, firewall, Large Scale NAT, TCP termination etc.) to run at maximum performance on the Intel® DPDK platform. 6WIND also provides professional services and technical support to developers. As a result, 6WIND enables use of Intel® DPDK in Virtual Network Appliances, Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization.


At, engineers can find libraries, drivers, documentation, development mailing list, git repository and support relevant to high-performance packet processing using the Intel® DPDK software.


The open-source project is active now and openly available to any developers using the Intel® DPDK. It will provide an openly-accessible repository for released versions, while encouraging innovative collaboration and enabling participating companies to offer specialized support.