This week at a customer event co-located with Interop, Dell and Intel announced that Dell OEM Solutions is now a Premier member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. Troy Smith, Director of Intel® Intelligent Systems, welcomed the company to its new role, saying “As a member of the Alliance, Dell OEM has been a valuable partner in supporting Intel’s efforts to enable smart, connected systems. We are excited to promote Dell OEM to our highest level of membership and look forward to growing our collaboration with them.”


As a Premier member, Dell now has privileged opportunities to work with Intel through executive, architectural, joint marketing, and sales relationships. In addition, Dell OEM gains the highest level of access to Intel design and development expertise, helping align its technical roadmaps and programs with Intel’s. By optimizing the entire development lifecycle of Intel® architecture-based products, Dell OEM offers reduced risk and lower development costs, improved access to leading-edge solutions, and faster time to market.


Intel and Alliance members like Dell OEM are focused on three key areas:


  • Systems: Billions of devices are connecting to the Internet, each other and the cloud, transforming the industry from fixed function and isolated embedded systems to a new category of intelligent systems. These systems are secure, connected, managed and demand greater performance.
  • Experiences: Intel and the Alliance view 2013 as the year of accelerated transition to intelligent systems. As connectivity becomes even more pervasive, intelligent systems will continue to demand more performance to bring richer experiences and become more fundamental to our daily lives.
  • Data: Intel and Alliance members are helping to simplify the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable customers to shift investment from interoperability to extracting greater value from their data.


This three-pronged approach will lead to lower development costs, easier integration, and greater ability to enable innovative services. The end goal is an easier, faster path to making IoT and Big Data a reality.


Dell OEM is a division of Dell that specializes in helping global customers accelerate their time to profit with customizable tier-1 OEM technologies developed by their dedicated team of experts. Dell supports OEMs who build a wide array of their own hardware-based products and need high-quality, stable and well-engineered technology to run their solutions. Dell OEM markets to a wide range of industries, including aerospace and defense, telecommunications, healthcare, industrial, retail, and consumer interaction. Customers trust Dell OEM to deliver world-class hardware and services to serve as the backbone of their solution.


Dell OEM was most recently an Associate member of the Alliance. The Alliance is made up of four tiers, with the highest being “Premier,” reflecting the closest alignment with Intel. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 250+ Member companies of the Alliance provide the performance, connectivity, manageability and security developers need to create smart, connected systems. There are four Premiers today, including Dell OEM.


This is an exciting and pivotal time for the industry. Watch this space, as well as Alliance publications, particularly the Embedded Innovator magazine and newsletter series, for all the great things to unfold from this latest addition to the Premier tier of the Alliance.

Kenton Williston

Roving Reporter (Intel Contractor), Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance

Editor-In-Chief Embedded Innovator magazine

Follow me on Twitter: @kentonwilliston