The cloud is revolutionizing healthcare, helping patients manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease by remotely monitoring their condition and automatically and securely uploading data to their care provider. Now the same technology is being used to update fitness centers, to the benefit of both owners and exercisers.


Fitness centers and health clubs are filled with equipment with the potential to provide valuable data: check-in systems, vending machines, people counters, exercise equipment, surveillance systems, etc. But for many clubs, these systems aren’t network-enabled—and even if they were, the club may not have the IT resources to set up and manage a complex system. The result is that equipment maintenance and stocking may be handled manually, without information that could help club owners monitor usage, anticipate maintenance, and schedule downtimes conveniently. At the same time, exercisers armed with smartphones and health apps want to access equipment information so they can upload, track, and share data about their workouts.


All of these goals can be accomplished by taking the fitness center to the cloud.


Eurotech’s smart services gateways are flexible, high-performance devices that support the data acquisition and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications needs of fitness centers. These devices can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of a fitness center or health club—or can be installed as a standalone device that requires minimal IT support once installed. These gateways leverage industry-standard Intel building blocks, including the Intel® Atom™ processor and the Wind River Linux operating system. On top of that foundation sits the Eurotech Everywhere™ Software Framework (ESF)—integrated middleware that is based on an OSGI framework to simplify application development. The Eurotech ESF includes software bundles that can be used across applications and across industries, including a seamless connection to the Eurotech Everywhere Device Cloud (EDC) platform.


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“The Intel architecture has allowed us to focus on our Everywhere Software Framework and we can move it across Intel platforms very easily,” says Bill Johnson, cloud solutions business development manager-for Eurotech North America. “Having a standard, very well-documented architecture such as Intel has enabled us to bring multiple platforms with different price-performance features to market.”


Eurotech also chose Wind River Linux for its gateways.  “We wanted a best-in-breed, reliable Linux distribution,” Johnson adds.  “We have world-class customers developing applications on these gateways, and Wind River’s tool sets and the backing of Intel made this a very easy decision for us.”


The Eurotech wireless-enabled gateways can aggregate sensor data from almost any kind of equipment in the health club, including RFID readers, people counters, surveillance systems, vending machines, and exercise equipment. With the gateway installed and connected to the devices in the fitness center through the Eurotech Device Cloud, club owners have access to data they can use to better manage assets. For example, they can access usage records to see which equipment has higher (or lower) usage and use that information to adjust traffic patterns or rearrange floor layouts. They can also receive service alerts for equipment, so that machines can be taken offline and maintained before they go down during a period of high demand. Data from vending machines or point-of-sale terminals can be used to manage inventory, and RFID tags on high-end assets allow them to be tracked and monitored. Exercisers can also be provided access to cloud-based data from the equipment to track and share their workouts and even receive relevant ads.


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Key to fitness center applications is ease-of-use, Johnson explains. “One of product definitions was that it needs to be similar to a set-top box. They just need to put it in place and it does what it needs to do with no technical interaction.”


Eurotech provides several gateway options depending on the club’s needs, the number of devices that need to be aggregated, and the number of Ethernet ports or communications protocols needed. Health clubs can choose their platform depending on their I/O requirements, but the Eurotech platforms all host the same software stack and all communicate with the Eurotech M2M platform as well as Eurotech’s application partners’ platforms. Once installed, the systems can essentially be forgotten, with no ongoing technical support required. Security is also built into the software stack, so the bi-directional device communications are secure sessions as appropriate for each market.


The Eurotech Helios™ is a smart services gateway with flexibility in programmability, hardware, software, and connectivity, including a range of pre-certified wireless modules for cellular, Bluetooth, and other protocols. The ReliaGATE family is an industrial-grade platform with multiple options, including globally certified radio technology from Telit.


Eurotech’s Everywhere Software Framework sits on the gateway and hosts the appropriate applications and protocols, including the cloud client protocol; as long as the gateway has a path to the Internet and is collecting data from a device, it can send the data to Eurotech’s Everywhere Cloud platform. Standard dashboards, management operations, and industry-standard APIs support easy integration both to legacy equipment (updated with Eurotech or partner-provided wired or wireless connectivity devices) or to new equipment with embedded connectivity.


Eurotech has plenty of experience providing gateways for applications such as in-home patient monitoring: aggregating data from scales, blood pressure cuffs, and blood glucose meters to help improve patient quality of life. Moving to the health club was a logical evolution. As Johnson says, “It was just natural for us to take that platform and use it as the basis for this new initiative.”


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