This week at Embedded World, Intel and ADLINK Technology Inc. announced that the company is now a Premier member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. Troy Smith, Director of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, welcomed ADLINK to its new role, saying "Premier members of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance collaborate with Intel at the highest level to align our technology roadmaps and programs. ADLINK has been elevated to our highest tier of membership for their unique product capabilities and market-oriented platforms. Intel looks forward to ADLINK’s continued delivery of leading edge solutions based on Intel architecture."


As a Premier member, ADLINK now enjoys greater opportunities to work with Intel through executive, architectural, joint marketing, and sales relationships. In addition, ADLINK gains the highest level of access to Intel design and development expertise, helping align its technical roadmaps and programs with Intel’s. By optimizing the entire development lifecycle of Intel® architecture-based products, ADLINK realizes reduced risk and lower development costs, improved access to leading-edge solutions, and faster time to market.


A good example of the high degree of collaboration between Intel and ADLINK is the company’s recent launch of the first Certified Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Platform. ADLINK, a global provider of embedded building blocks and Application Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs), introduced its Matrix MXE-5301 fanless, embedded computer as the first hardware platform to be certified under this new program. The unit’s certification as an Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Platform signifies its ability to combine several applicationsor workloadsand their respective host operating systems into a single computing solution. Advanced hypervisor technology, which allows host operating systems to coexist, enables what were once multiple, separate systems to be combined into one platform. For the customer, this workload consolidation reduces the number of individual devices, allowing a smaller footprint and lessening system and environmental complexity.


In a recent press release on ADLINK’s promotion to the Premier tier, Jim Liu, CEO of ADLINK Technology, Inc., said, "it's a great honor for ADLINK to achieve the Premier level through more than a decade of successful cooperation with Intel. We have demonstrated successful global business growth strategies and have led the market with vertical applications based on Intel® architecture. This level of partnership gives us more and better opportunities to collaborate with Intel on new and emerging technologies, and better serve our customers and partners with advanced platforms."


Most recently, ADLINK was an Associate member of the Alliance. The Alliance is made up of four tiers, with the highest, “Premier,” reflecting the closest alignment with Intel. There are five Premiers today, including ADLINK. From modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the 250+ Member companies of the Alliance provide the performance, connectivity, manageability and security developers need to create smart, connected systems.


With the continuing growth of the Internet of Things in the industrial space and other sectors, this is an exciting and pivotal time for the industry. Be sure to visit the Intel® Embedded Community often, as well as monitor Alliance publications, particularly the Embedded Innovator magazine and newsletter series, to keep abreast of the latest developments from this new addition to the Premier tier of the Alliance.


Mark Scantlebury

Roving Reporter (Intel Contractor), Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance

Associate Editor, Embedded Innovator magazine