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Why it is that everybody seems to be using notebooks, Smartphone’s and PDA’s to make their jobs easier, but not Nursing Staff in our Hospitals? Sure, you can have a PC perched on the corner of your desk running all the usual applications, but what happens if you need that information when you’re with patients? You could have a laptop running those same applications - problem solved! Sounds simple and cost effective, but there are other implications which need to be considered…




Now, with Intel® Atom™ processor (Z510/Z530), MCA provides an optimal balance between high performance and very low noise – perfect for bedside care and clinical environments. It allows clinicians to do their jobs while on the move and better enhance the quality of patient care.We are looking forward to seeing  further innovation based on MCA reference architecture, designed with extensive feedback from clinicians to help improve workflow and provide them with the tools they need to have the right information at the point of decision.

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