This is a fun time to work in Networking. Not too far in the future

when we say "network" we are going to be talking about telecom,

enterprise, and the internet. This creates the possibility of using

common building blocks across large portions of the "network". If you

are not a Tier 1 Network Equipment Provider and cannot afford to

develop your own optimized platform (and in some cases even if you are)

you really have two platform choices for network equipment: rack mount

servers and ATCA.


Internally developed platforms can be an appropriate approach given

sufficient volumes to support development and maintenance costs. For

the rest of the world taking advantage of off-the-shelf products offers

reduced development costs, faster time-to-market, and a more aggressive

cost reduction curve based on total market volumes. The real difference

between these platforms is of course that ATCA was designed and

optimized for telecom-class applications while RMS have evolved around

enterprise applications. Where the two networks meet the choice of

platform gets interesting. This choice is forcing debates about wants

versus needs at every network equipment company with which we work. We

see RMS getting more feature diverse with increasing

reliability/availability while ATCA is getting cheaper and more

building-block like. The two are going to live together in this

"carrier enterprise" space. Maybe two standards will end up being

better than one?

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