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I’ve written a number of past blog entries on various multi-core software topics.  These included threading a serial application for multi-core, symmetrical multiprocessing operating systems, scaling performance of packet processing, and virtualization. 


I’m sure the community at large will benefit from hearing from someone other than the suppliers, so now’s a good time for me to take a short break from writing and invite some of our users out there come forward with their inputs.  


I’m hoping that some embedded or comms systems developers will share some real-world experiences on their use of multi-core processors.  What approach did you use?  What’s been easy? What were the real challenges?   Do you have outstanding questions or issues you’d like to resolve?  And what are the results?   Anything you’d feel comfortable sharing will be helpful. 


Perhaps you’re still considering multi-core, or your project is in the early stages so you don’t yet have the experience to share.  In that case, I would also welcome suggestions for future topics you’d like to see discussed in this blog.  Design techniques, OSs, performance, tools, specific vertical market segments?   Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance for your contributions.  Along with all members of the community, I look forward to hearing from you. 




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