Moblin provides the complete platform OS layer and is highly optimized for the latest Intel® Atom™ processor technology. The application development SDK will be presented with key open source components. Intel launched the first Atom 45nm processor in April 2008 and also delivered its first complete tool suite for MID (mobile Internet device) system and application software development. Five key components will be covered in detail: Intel® Compilers, Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives library, JTAG system level and application debugger, and Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer. The Moblin open source Linux project addresses a range of software for target platforms, including mobile Internet devices (MIDs), embedded in-car infotainment systems, nettops, and netbooks.



System Software Development for Intel® Atom™ Processors

Intel has identified system debugging methods to aid software developers writing and analyzing platform-level software and device drivers, including:

  • Validation and modification of chipset peripheral registers with the Intel JTAG system-level debugger
  • Reconstruction with the actual instructions executed, while providing an exact picture of the events leading up to current system status
  • Debugging a Linux kernel with JTAG hardware-assisted debugger

Debug methods using various feature sets will be described in depth, so developers can feel confident identifying hard to detect, low-level software issues with the hardware-assisted debugging solution from Intel.



More Performance for Applications Running on Intel® Atom™ Processors
Power consumption related to performance continues to be a challenge with battery-operated devices. Intel® Compilers gain run-time application performance, while performance optimization reduces power challenges.
Get the assurance of optimal performance:
  • Learn how to gain better run-time performance on applications
  • Assess the impact of optimization techniques on performance and code-size
  • Discover solution strategies using the Intel® IPP library and Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer
  • Explore the latest optimization techniques used by Intel Compilers targeting the Intel Atom processor