We've set up our own Twitter handle as a way to connect with people there and take part in the conversation that happens 140 characters or less at a time. You can follow us by visiting http://twitter.com/IntelEmbedded.


Not only is our Twitter channel geared toward engaging with the entire community of folks interested in embedded technology but it's also going to be a great place to follow along with what happens during next week's Embedded eVent virtual trade show. As the day progresses we'll not only be updating this blog with highlights from the courses and keynotes but we'll be doing so on Twitter as well. If you're in attendance and want to pass along what you think is interesting just use the "#intelevent" hashtag as identification for tweets related to the event. That not only allows everyone's Event-related updates to be collected in one place but allows those who couldn't make it themselves to follow along.


We'll also be monitoring that hashtag stream of commentary and cross-posting some of that here on the Embedded@Intel blog.


So go and connect with us on Twitter and keep that page, as well as the blog, tuned in as we prepare for next Tuesday's Embedded eVent.