If you missed attending Tuesday's Embedded eVent in real-time that doesn't mean you can't get out of it the same huge chunks of wisdom those who were there got. The courses and keynotes, as well as booths and other good stuff, are still on the site and available for your viewing. That's the great thing about running a virtual trade show - physical assets don't need to be torn down immediately to make way for the next event.


As we mentioned yesterday we're also going to be featuring recaps from some of the presenters her on the blog and hope to have even more updates that continue on the conversation. In all of this we're looking for your participation - asking questions, providing feedback and more - to make those recaps even better.


If you are going to dive into the still-there Embedded eVent and want to plan what to view you can view the Agenda here or check out the Course Open Thread posts we published throughout the day as they were beginning. Here's that complete list:


Course Open Thread: Building Next Generation Embedded Systems Using Multi-core and Virtualization

Course Open Thread: The value of Intel® Architecture in Digital Signage

Course Open Thread: Intelligent Video: Fact; Fiction; Experience; Opportunities

Course Open Thread: Selecting the best Intel embedded product for your needs

Course Open Thread: Overview of Intel Atom processor-based platforms for embedded computing