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To prepare bootable USB image on Windows*  based machine
Download and extract from
Insert thumb drive into USB socket (ensure you don't have any other USB mass storage devices connected).
Open up a DOS or Command Window and run ImUpdate.exe


  • select Target - desired disk (by letter/size).
  • select Source image - 128MBDOS.img.
Press Start Restore to proceed.
Wait until completion - "Finished" will appear under Messages.
Take out thumb drive and insert it again. It should now be assigned a drive letter.
Copy SFlash16.exe to the root directory on the thumb drive.
Download and extract the latest BIOS: When this article was published the August 31st 2009 file could be found at
Copy the xxxxxxxx.ROM  file to the root directory on the thumb drive.
To Update BIOS
Insert thumb drive and power on the box. Press F2 during boot to enter CMOS Setup Utility
  • Set 1st boot priority to USB KEY
  • Save and exit
PC will  boot to DOS from the thumb drive.
  • Type SFlash16.exe <ROM file name> /Force
Wait until completion - a message "Flash memory has been successfully programmed" will appear.
Power off the system and power it back on.
This article is based on information from ""
Secret Decoder
Interfacing I2C Devices to the SM Bus:White Paper
Intel Embedded Graphics Driver: Product Brief 
GMA500 White Paper
Bios Update Procedure on
Utilities used in BYO-246 Class
Atom Z5xx Content Page at Embedded Design Center
ACPI White Paper (Private access needed at
Z5xx Datasheet
•Public Domain Silverlight Demo Code (*an external site not maintained by Intel)
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In addition to all the fantastic information you can download from exhibitor booths within today's Embedded eVent virtual trade show, we wanted to make sure to provide access to a handful of Intel white papers that touch on the embedded technology industry in general but also specifically deal with topics covered during today's event.


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Back for Seconds

Posted by EventTeam Sep 3, 2009

Ever been checking out from your hotel after a conference has concluded and found yourself looking over the event's program, looking longingly at the sessions you wished you'd had the time or opportunity to attend? Or have you been unable to attend a trade show but still poured over the agenda, wishing your schedule had worked out differently?


One of the beautiful things of a virtual trade show is that it can be re-run so that those who couldn't attend the first time get another bite at the apple. And that's exactly what we'll be doing on September 15th.


From 7AM to 4PM Eastern Intel offer another opportunity to interact with industry experts in and around the Intel Embedded eVent virtual trade show that debuted earlier this year and which has remained available since then.


While the sessions will be the same as the first event, there's plenty of new material for everyone to get value out of, whether they missed it the first time or would like to revisit what they learned before. Many customers will have new information and content at their booths and Intel employees will be manning booths and be ready to answer questions for those in attendance.


Plus there's always the fantastic networking opportunities that are available in the halls and other areas within the Embedded eVent. Meet industry colleagues, share information with each other and more - all from the comfort of your own desk and without the need to make sure you don't have any garlic bagel stuck in your teeth.


Click here to make sure you're registered for the September 15th eVent and join us for what's sure to be a value-filled day.

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