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Building on our successful 30-year history, Intel continues to deliver products and technologies that propel the embedded industry. However, we don't do it alone. Our ecosystem plays an important role, and it is their Intel® architecture-based products that power some of today's most exciting smart devices. As the proliferation of intelligent, connected products continues, Intel is uniquely positioned to lead the evolution with help from our partners. To that end, Intel recently announced two significant changes. Both will have a positive impact on our globally recognized ecosystem and you, our customers.


First, we unveiled a new Intel Embedded initiative asset that signals Intel's commitment to the embedded industry. This new mark will be used in Intel's OEM-facing marketing and sales materials. The asset will help build brand equity and adds a unifying element between Intel and our ecosystem program.

IntelEmbedded.jpgIntel® Embedded Logo


Secondly, the Intel® Embedded Communications Alliance is now known as the Intel® Embedded Alliance. The name change reflects the breadth of product offerings by Alliance members. While communications is an important segment within embedded, the industry has many sectors and it is important that the Alliance name be more inclusive.


Besides getting familiar with the new name, customers now only need to look for two program logos, which signify membership. One will only be used by Premier members including, Advantech, Emerson, Kontron and RadiSys. The other program logo will be shared by the Intel Embedded Alliance marketing team and

Affiliate and Associate Alliance members.










Today, Alliance members are delivering solutions that span many sectors within the embedded market. For example, Kontron's Intel® architecture-based ThinkIO-Duo is helping measure tire tread on major roadways. The ThinkIO-Duo platform is used in measurement devices that sit under roads and using a camera can capture tire tread data as cars fly by at 75 mph. RadiSys' Procelerant PICOZ500, an ultra-low power single-board-computer based on the Intel® AtomTM Z510 processor, is ideal for in-home display systems that can monitor energy use. And Emerson is helping re-shape the retail industry. The company's MATXM-C2-410-B motherboard on the Mobile Intel® CoreTM2 Duo processor T9400 and the Intel® GM45 Express chipset is ideal for use in interactive kiosks and self-checkout terminals. Advantech looked to Intel's low power embedded processors and chipsets for their ARK-3382 automation computers. The Advantech computers were used to control giant wind turbines that powered Beijing's first major wind power facility, which was up and running prior to the 2008 Olympic Games.


This is just a sample of how customers rely on Alliance members to deliver compelling embedded products based on the latest Intel architecture. These activities combined with our new program name and signature logos are expected to further signify Alliance member companies as trusted suppliers of Intel-based products.


As always, we are interested in hearing from customers. Let us know what you think of our new name or if you have questions about any of the topics discussed here. Please note this is also a first in a series of blogs designed to update our customers on our Alliance activities.


Troy Smith

Intel® Embedded Alliance Director

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