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The Atom Dimm boards have successfully booted Windows XP and Fedora 10. Its been a saga, as all board bringups usually are, ranging from using early access silicon, to incorrect BIOS settings, to wrong or missing pullups. But its working now, and a further batch of boards are on order to match up with the carrier board.  This works being done by an internal team in Hudson, MA, so I have still to see a working board myself. But it was a good birthday present to hear of their success this week.


Several US Universities have received their request for proposal (RFP) this past week, with details of how they can get their hands on some of these boards for curriculum development. If you haven't seen your copy, then I'm sorry you didn't make the short list, but I do have some boards allocated for "really good ideas".  So contact me directly and I'll see what I can do.


Hexapod appearances

The latest version of the Hexapod is coming to SWE in Phoenix . See if you want to see some really cool videos.  But if you want to see the beast in person, and play with it, make your way to the Society of Women Engineers conference in Phoenix, Saturday Jan 30th.  Intel's Embedded team are having a job fair booth, and the robot, (and probably me) will be there. @intel_jeff is helping create some digital signage applications that run on the same Z530 Fit-PC that runs the robot.

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