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Update Feb 17th -2010



Booth Demo's.

The majority of demo's have shipped to the show, but there's still a few in development, or waiting for a crucial part. Currently I'm waiting for 24 bearings to complete an update of the hexapod robots.


Cases for the next gen atom demo's have shipped, but we are still waiting for a few acrylic covers, and the ubiquitous blue LEDS.

We have a large booth at the entrance to hall 9,according to our planner you really can't miss the booth. But just in case we are in booth 163  I think I'll be in Pod 7 most of the time.



A few highlighted demos.

An Atomic Drummer.


So you want to be a Guitar Hero* like Intel's Jeff Snyder, the NI system make Jeff weep. Not content with being beaten playing guitar, Jeff has added a drum section using an Intel Atom Processor. Come by the booth and challenge the machine.


Not IVI but OVI.

By now we hope you have heard of IVI,In Vehicle Infotainment, but how about OVI, Outside, or On-Top-of Vehicle Infotainment. Siemens* has built a digital signage demo, but its mounted on a taxi roof. Get one of these for your taxi and everyone will want to ride in your cab.


Embedded Design Center (EDC) Browsing station


If you're reading this, you should know what EDC stands for, but have you seen the latest features. Stop by this station and learn how to navigate the website like a pro. All of our official processor, software and development board launches will go live on EDC at the show. There's no need to wait till you get home, catch up at the Intel booth.


Training Classes.

We have a mini-classroom in the booth, and a full schedule. In addition to ECG classes, we plan to have classes from Microsft, Insyde Software, and Intel's Software and Services Group.

Check  back here for the latest schedule.


Low Cost Development Board

Stop by the booth to see the latest update to the project codenamed Black Sand, now known as the Intel(r) Embedded Development Board 1-N450. There will be live demo's and a class in the theater, and make sure you follow the board on twitter @devboard to find out how to get a discount coupon to purchase your own board.


Twitter Feeds

Follow our progress setting up the booth, on sunday and monday, look for hashtag #ew2010, and stay up to date during the show, with live tweets and pics. Follow @intel_stewart, during show hours, or track the updates in your own time zone, by searching for the same #ew2010 hashtag

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