The Intel Cup Embedded System Design Contest (short for "Intel Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest - Embedded System Design Invitational Contest") was initiated by the Chinese government, hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is solely sponsored by Intel Corporation since 2002. Held every 2 years, the contest provides an opportunity for top undergraduate students to design a working system based on an assigned Intel embedded platform over a period of three months.


Each team consists of three members, with a faculty mentor and the three students are each given an hour to present a report, and them demo their system and show the list of features to the judges. Over the past two days I've seen some great designs, some strange and intriguing features, and some epic failures.


Judging is still going on, so I won't comment too much on specifics yet, but leave it up to you to decide as well. The title of the post highlights some of the fun, in that the students english name for their products often leave me pondering. I've seen "portable systems", that were not portable at all, a "rubbing tablet", and "Double News Paper Clips". I'll take guesses from the audience on what that system does. I must admit, that the students english is infinitely better than my chinese, I don't even know enough to order a beer, so I am very grateful to have been assigned a translator to help me. 347i21C63B7B018344B5


 The Panel of Judges - 2010


Today I hope to see the "Online Detector for The Tubular Bottle", "The Art of Shadow Puppet, The Stage of Atom" , "Avatar Brilliant Eyes" and the "Subsiduary Three-Dimensional Hairstyle System" . 

But to be honest what I really need is the "Portable Multilingual Translation System"  built by a team from Xian Jiaotong University. 


I can just hear Scotty saying ,"Captain, dinnae forget to pack yur Universal Translator".