Let me first start by saying I’m really excited about #IDF10 coming up here in less than a week! Before I get any farther, I’m using “#IDF10” because that is the #Hashtag to use in Twitter to keep on top of all the action. All the Social Media Artificers (SMAs) from Intel (including our own Embassadors) will be using that take to keep you abreast of all the “haps” (or are they “Twaps” on Twitter?) so you don’t miss a beat. So, with that bit of guidance out of the way, here is a “broad overview” of some of the amazing Embedded things happening at #IDF10:


Doug Davis Keynote

The 4sq Venue to look for: #IDF10 Keynotes


Sorry, can’t give you a blow-by-blow of what he’s going to say, but I do know our own Doug Davis, Vice President & General Manager of Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group (ECG) will be giving part of the Keynote on Tuesday. Without letting too many cats out of the bag, I can tell you it will mostly be an Intel® Atom™ processor-focused keynote with lots of cool announcements & demos – both for Embedded-focused stuff & other, more general topics.  Not something you are going to want to miss!

Embedded Zone & Community

The 4sq Venue to look for: #IDF10 Embedded Zone and #IDF10 Embedded Community


At a high level, the Embedded Zone will have several nifty (yes, I know it’s not the 1950s, I’m trying to bring “nifty” back) demos, including stuff on Digital Signage, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), a Robotic Arm (cuz Geeks ♥ Robots), a “Digital Nexus” for your home, “Breakthrough Performance for Packet Forwarding” and “Flexible Scalable Networking with RouterBricks” on Intel® Xeon® processors (ping @Intel_Jim for details), plus a bonus demo that I can only say “involves music” (you’ll have to see it for yourself). In addition, the following companies (in alphabetical order) will be demoing in the “Embedded Community”

  • 6Wind
  • Dialog
  • Emerson
  • Green Hills Software
  • Kontron
  • Lauterbach
  • Macraigor Systems LLC
  • Oki
  • Portwell
  • ROHM
  • SBS Science & Technology

Want to know more about what they are doing? Come by & check them out!



Embedded Labs

The 4sq Venue to look for: #IDF10 Embedded Labs


We will actually have two labs being brought to you by the Embedded group. One of them (EMBL003 & EMBL004) is kind of like a friendly race – take a board, pick your OS, & see who can get their board up first.  The first team that gets a message out to @devboard is the winner.  Like an obstacle course but with thumb drives instead of cargo nets run by the nearly-famous @Intel_Stewart. The other lab (EMBL001 & EMBL002) is focused on how Intel® vPro™ Technology can really help people to make embedded applications that are easier to manage – especially remotely.


Embedded Track

The 4sq Venue to look for: #IDF10 Embedded Track


On Tuesday, after Doug’s Keynote, there will be 5 embedded-focused classes (EMBS001, EMBS002, EMBS003, EMBS004, EMBS005) and 1 “Hot Topic Q&A” (EMBQ001).  On the communications front, we have 3 classes (COMS001, COMS002, COMS003) and 1 “Hot Topic Q&A” (COMQ001 « Starring the lovely & talented @Intel_Jim).  Click each link to get a description or go here: https://intel.wingateweb.com/us10/scheduler/catalog/catalog.jsp & put “EMB” or “COM” in the search bar & search on “Session ID.”  You can also set up you own “Forum Planner” by going here & picking the above course to add to your schedule: http://idfcommunity.intel.com/Planner/SessionCatalog.aspx


Embedded Poster Chats

The 4sq Venue to look for: (none at this time)


This is a bit of a different approach.  Most activities at IDF consist of detailed slide decks or course work based on a topic.  With the Poster Chats, we have topics, but it is up to the audience to get involved, get interactive, & bring questions that you want answered.  I have personally run these before & for my money, I like these the most.  Your Mileage May Vary, but when not come by if you’ve got an opening & get involved.  Don’t worry – it is exactly like Social Media, except you do it in real live & your thumbs don’t get tired! To find out more, go here: http://www.intel.com/idf/poster-chats/index.htm & look for:

  • Intel® vPro™ Technology Implementation in Embedded Applications
  • Signal Processing with Intel® Architecture
  • Packet Processing on Intel® Architecture

All 3 will be Monday, September 13 from 11am - 1pm.




So, just some closing remarks – in addition to following myself (@Geek8ive), both @Intel_Jim & @Intel_Stewart will also be there, Tweeting live from the Show Floor when possible.  In addition, @RoseSchooler will also be there (but you know how busy we keep GMs @ shows like this!) as will @TunnelCreek (just in case there is any news) but you can also run searches on “#IDF10” (plus #IVI & #DigitalSignage) as great #Hashtags to not only track for IDF happenings in general, but also the Embedded-focused topics specifically.  Lastly, we do have an entire page of the IDF site devoted strictly to Embedded:




So, if you’re there - @Reply me & let’s see if we can meet face-to-face & grab a YFrog picture!  Let me know in the comments below what you are looking forward to the most (or what you would have liked to see).  See you in a week!