Wow!  That has got to be my first word with commenting on #IDF10: Wow!


Why Wow? Well, let’s see, some highlights that I saw:



o    The 1st Intel Processor with plain-old PCIe as a System Bus

o    Opens the doors to loads of very unique possible designs

o    Anything from Intel Chipsets, to 3rd Party Chipsets to FPGAs can work with it

o    Select SKUs can do the “Industrial Temp Range” of -40°C to 85°C

o    The cheapest SKU (E620) starts at $19 (Direct/Tray/1ku Volumes, etc.)




o    It will be Tunnel Creek processor & FPGA all in one package

o    It will be Intel’s 1st “configurable” processor




o    There is a high-level “getting to know me” Fact Sheet

o    At least 5 deep-dive classes (select the “ARC” Track from that Tab)

o    A STELLAR Demo of playing StarCraft II on built-in Sandy Bridge Graphics

o    Disclosures that “Sandy Bridge” will span from Notebooks to Desktops & Servers




o    10 Cores & 20 Threads per Processor

o    Up to 2TB (TeraBytes) of memory possible in a single system

o    But it will still work with the current Intel® 7500 Chipset




o    LeVar Burton (@levarbuton on Twitter) was hired to promote SmartTV

o    Ian Thomas (@ITonMission on Twitter) got to interview LeVar about #SmartTV

o    There was both Google TV & Microsoft TV being displayed

o    But most importantly, I got to meet LeVar, albeit briefly – nice guy!




o    Acquired by Intel in 2007, it has doubled its number of products

o    Showed a Demo of how much more realistic cloth can look in games

o    Also show how much more realistic blowin’ stuff up can look (see the full keynote)




o    To me, MeeGo has made huge strides in since IDF 2010 Beijing

o    One great MeeGo product launch was the WeTab by Neofonie & 4tiitoo

o    So a demo of a Media Phone made by Gemtek (here’s a picture)




o    First, the AppUp Community on the show floor was on fire (always busy!)

o    Second, the “AppUp Experience” was raging in the Metreon

o    Third, AppUp gave away a CAR to a great developer!




o    Run Applications, Control Plane, Packet Processing, & Signal Processing on 1 architecture

o    For example, we had a Demo of >10 MILLION Pkts/sec per core

o    As shown during the keynote, this performance can scale linearly

o    The savings from consolidated hardware would be HUGE

o    The savings from consolidating developer teams might be HUGER

o    In the end, everyone wins!


Some other nice things is, I thought the show was very well attended about 6,500 attendees – plus, >40\% of the attendees were “focusing on Embedded” – so a really good show for us.  In my opinion, I thought the news that came out was overwhelmingly positive.


To me, the only downside (besides there just being TOO MUCH to do in 3 days) was I’m in a toss-up on what I need to buy for the Holidays this year:



Which would you suggest?


So, if you went to IDF – what did you like the most?


If you didn’t get to go to IDF, here are some helpful links:



What else to you want to know?