[UPDATE]: Part I: "Changes to the Structure of our Blogs"

 [UPDATE]: Part II: "Sneak Peek at the New Community Look

 [UPDATE]: Part III: "How to Get Help while the Community is in Read-Only Mode




To all of our valuable Intel Embedded Community Members – or as I like to call you – “our dear friends,” I wanted to let you know that you will be seeing a number of big changes in November so I wanted to a) let you know about them up front and b) explain why we are doing these changes.


First & foremost, we are working very hard to make the transition as seamless as possible for you.  There will be a new look, some things will change around a bit, but the core functionality of having great blogs to (hopefully) inspire you & discussion forums where you find solutions to problems or help others with their problems, will remain.  In terms of timing, the Intel Embedded Community will get “frozen” or go into “read-only mode” on or around November 5, 2010 in the evening (PST).  You will still be able to visit & read what was put in, but interactivity will be turned off as we prepare to move all of our content to the new environment.  We plan to turn the “new” site on with full interactivity on or around November 14, 2010.


The biggest change, besides some minor tweaks to appearance, will be moving to Jive Software as our hosting environment primarily because that is what the majority of other Intel Communities are on & that is the over-arching top priority of this transition: To continually evolve to an ever-increasingly seamless sense of community for the Intel Communities.  We want this because we know, there are very few purely “Embedded” engineers.  Rather, we know there are a LOT of “Embedded” engineers that work on Software. Or, “Embedded” engineers that are working on project using Intel® Xeon® Processors. Or, “Embedded” engineers that <insert_new_topic_here>.  The point being, there are very few purely “Anything” Engineers anymore and increasingly, most engineers need to be well versed in a number of different areas. And that is the primary intent of our transition – to make it easier for you, as a developer, to get to the answers / inspirations / interactions you need to do your job better, regardless of where they lie within the Cyberscape of Intel Communities.


While the first big change will happen in November, I want you to know, it is only the first of many steps.  Ideally, but the middle of 2011, we will have been able to consolidate a number of currently separate sign-in systems across Intel so that, hopefully, you will be able to just have 1 persona regardless of which specific Intel community you want to be in.  And, this is more than just reducing the number of usernames/passwords you have – it is also about getting to know you better as a person – like Amazon does.  This way, even if you spend most of your time in the Embedded community, but we see you do spend some time over in Software, then we know you might be a good fit for some Webinar on Embedded Operating Systems.  The goal is for a more customized browsing experience so that you see the things that are mostly likely to enable you to work faster & get home earlier to your family & friends.  Because, in the end, that’s what’s most important in your life – the people you care about.


And, we hope by working towards this goal, it will help you to realize we care about you.  All sappy sentiment aside, we do, we really, really do because we might make the best processors in the world (we’d like to think they are pretty good), but without the best developers in the world, we’ve just made mounds & mounds over really expensive but highly ineffective, paper weights.  It is the systems & software that is developed with our silicon that are actually the killer solutions that people crave for and we want you to know we are honored by your efforts.  So, as we enter the transition phase, I want to leave the door for dialogue wide open for learning what it is that you folks want from this community.  This will be the first of several blog posts about the transitions, but feel free to chime in early to let us know what you want or need out of this “Intel Embedded” community.


Thanks for reading & for being one of “our dear friends.”