As promised, this is Blog entry will step through some more specifics about our upcoming changes to the Intel Embedded Community – specifically: Our vision for Embedded Blogs…


For the better part of a year or so, we’ve had our blogs broken up into 4 primary “groups” – roughly Hardware / Software / Applications / Transitions.  This was all fine & such, but it was really more of a “Web 1.0” structure, somewhat of a “classical” design & didn’t account well for a lot of Blog entries about things like Trade Shows or Contests, let alone broader posts on Social Media & the like.  Plus, there is the problem of trying to “pigeon hole” a Blog entry.  For example, if someone posts about using Intel® Atom™ processors in a mega-cool Robot developed & programmed by a student from MIT, does it belong in a) the hardware blogs because it talks about processors & boards or b) the software blogs because it had to be programmed or c) the applications blog because it is a robot or d) the “New to IA” blogs because the student was, wait_4_it, “New to IA?”  The answer was, as it turns out, “c” – an Applications Blog entry because it was a robot, but in truth it really could have fit in any of the above, or at least 3 out of the 4.


So, based on the above example, here’s how we plan to re-organize the Blogs of the Embedded Community…

-       There will be 2 main kinds of blogs

  • “Author Focused”
  • “Company Focused”

-       Instead of using set “topic buckets” like before, we will emphasize:

  • Tags & “Tag Clouds”
  • Search Bars


For the first part, we have identified that, by-in-large, there are 2 kinds of bloggers – those that write on a wide variety of topics, such as ReThinker, and those that right as part of a company they support, such as kontron_ktaylor.  As such, the more unique bloggers will all be given their own account so that if you like that particular blogger, you can bookmark/subscribe/whatever that person specifically to stay abreast of new entries.  However, if you are particularly fond of a specific company, because you work for it or with it or whatever your reason, you can find the page devoted to blogs from people that work for that company. 


On the second part, we believe that “Tags” are a much better way to organize & structure the blogs then the previous rigid bucket types.  We believe this will give you all the capabilities your previously had (like “Software” topics, there’s a Tag for that), while also giving you the ability not to miss a blog entry just because it was “60\%” Hardware & only “40\%” Software.  Now, if the entry really does relate well to multiple of the previously rigid topics, you can use all the tags that apply, plus further, more granular tags such as “Atom” or “Robots,” as applicable.  Plus, in keeping with the common desire of many modern web-surfers, we will also work towards emphasizing the usefulness of the “search box” to quickly find the things interesting to you.


So, that’s it – that’s the gist of our plans for the Embedded Blogs.  Please give us feedback on if this sounds good to you or if there’s something else you would like to see.  Thanks!