As I mentioned before, we’ve got big changes coming to the Intel Embedded Community in November.  However, you don’t make changes this big overnight; so, we’ve been busy creating a test environment to make sure everything will work the way you’d expect it will.  However, there’s a bonus to having a test environment – we can use it to give you a “Sneak Peak” at what the new environment will be like, so you can slide right into being productive.


So, without further ado, here’s a draft of what you can be looking forward to:



There will be 5 Major Areas or Methods of Navigation:

  1. Discussion (or “Forums”) – where folks go to post a question or try to get help
    • The Current Equivalent is called “Discussion Forums
  2. Blog Posts – where authorized Bloggers will be posting education or informative pieces
    • If you are not currently a Blogger in our community, but would like to be, please post a comment at the end of this blog
  3. Tags – the easy, modern way to find the content you want, quickly
    • There will also be “Tag Clouds” so you can see what is currently popular
  4. People – a nice way to get to know the other people in the community
    • One of the major improvements we should be gaining from this new environment is an improved method for forming friendships & connecting with each other
  5. Search – as always, a nice way to quickly find some very specific content
    • Please be sure to use the search bar under the marquee because the one in the header if for an “” search


In terms of the actually blogging environment, it is a fairly standard fare.  Here’s a short test Blog I wrote to demos some of the standard features:



As you can see, you can do most of the standard formatting of text, including different colors & font types.  Plus, as expected, Bloggers can insert videos as well as pictures, tables, and, of course, hyperlinks.  All-in-all, it is a very capable platform & should serve us well to provide the content you all need to get your work done as quickly & efficiently as possible.


So, how does it sound so far? Pretty good or are there other things you’d like to see?


Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!