I’ve heard from a lot of you that there’s a need for some scoop on what we are doing ‘behind the scenes’ in the Embedded & Communication Group (ECG) & the Communications Infrastructure Division (CID).  So I’ve decided to blog


First – I’m the General Manager of CID.   When you surf the web or make a cell phone call or if you want to make sure your information is safe when it transits the web – you are experiencing a bit of what IA does in the Comms Infrastructure!  We have had a lot of success with Intel Architecture (IA) in this market segment so I thought it was time we start talking about it a bit and keep folks abreast of what we’ve got coming…


Ok – so let’s start with a bit more detail on what the Comms Infrastructure Division is…our vision is that “The World Communicates on Intel Architecture.”  You’re probably thinking…oh IA for cell phones!  Nope – while Intel is definitely working on delivering IA solutions into smart phones, my division is driving  IA in all that infrastructure equipment BEHIND the client devices that allow all the smart phones to work - things like Routers, Switches, Gateways, Radio Network Controllers & Base Stations for the service providers like AT&T, Verizon, China Mobile, Vodafone, etc.  So are the Service Providers our customer?  Nope – but Cisco, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, ZTE, Alcatel Lucent – the companies that BUILD equipment for the Service Providers – those are potential CID customers!


Some folks might wonder why Intel cares about Comms… well the Comms Infrastructure market is BILLIONS of dollars of opportunity – but Intel is currently playing a “less than significant” role in many of those sub-segments.  However, the industry is at an inflection point – between Web Videos (both production & consumption thereof) and other forms of User Generated Content – plus exploding trends like social media – the cyber traffic flows are EXPLODING…and yet, on the other end, service providers are under amazing pressures to scale their network to support that usage – but that’s EXPENSIVE.  The industry could deeply benefit from Intel playing a stronger role – all this traffic, all the services delivered on this network benefit from one key element – PERFORMANCE.  Every day in CID – we work to improve IA to handle all the different types of ‘work’ – running applications, controlling the data, forwarding the data and doing different things to the traffic and processing the baseband and media loads in a power efficient way.  This is what you’ll hear us call our #4to1 strategy:  FOUR workloads – application, control, packet and signal processing – on ONE architecture – Intel Architecture.  Here’s a video that helps explain this concept a little bit more:



About Me – So who am.i?


I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1989 and I have a Bachelor's degree in ceramic science and engineering.  I joined Intel in 1989 as a graduate rotation engineer and took assignments in new package development, fab process engineering and quality and reliability engineering. From 1990 to 1994, I held positions in fab process engineering and Corporate Quality program management. From there, my career transitioned into product marketing in the mass storage operation in 1994 and then market development engineering in an internal start up activity focused on digital imaging.  Beginning in 1998, I entered the embedded IA organization and held various marketing roles most recently serving as the Marketing Director for the Embedded and Communications Division within ECG and was chartered with defining the platform strategies, products and market development activities to grow the IA processor business in target markets. Now I'm a GM On a personal side, I enjoy more than anything time with family and friends.  It’s MY Job 1.  Most weekends I’m on a field watching my daughter play soccer or I’m running or doing some other form of exercise.  If you can’t find me outside – check the mall or a movie theater


So that’s it!!! Who I am, what my group does, & why I’m going to start blogging.  But, I also really want to make this a two-way conversation.  Post in the comments below any questions you may have for me.  Also, follow me on Twitter - @RoseSchooler - for more up-to-date comments since I’m only going to be blogging once a month or so.  You can also catch my tweets about IDF Beijing on twitter!


Ciao for now!