So, like any good social engagement, I thought that, before I start blogging regularly, I should probably spend a little time & introduce myself. Obviously my name is Michelle Tinsley and I’ve been with Intel almost 19 years, but all of it in Finance so not a very externally visible role.  I joined the embedded group back in 2003 and fell in love.  In February I took on the role as General Manager for the Embedded Computing Division (ECD).  While sounds a lot like “JAIA” (Just Another Intel Acronym), there are some very tangible activities upon which my folks are focused.


For example, one really hot topic we’ve got going on is “Digital Signage” which is basically the use of a large display that at the very least creates a more engaging experience for the consumer and, ideally, is actually an interactive experience that not only inform the user more, but also help the retailer who is displaying the sign. Here’s a video that gives you a great example of what I’m talking about:

We also have other key segments we are working on, like Digital Fitness, Digital Healthcare, and other places where the energy-efficient performance of Intel’s Desktop & Laptop-oriented processors can make a significant improvement to embedded applications.


And this is why I love where I work. The embedded group is so much fun as there are endless possibilities for where our product can go.  As the world and things become more connected there is a natural fit for Intel products to make those “things” intelligent.  We should be expecting more from our appliances, systems and computing devices that we interact with.  My “job 1” is now to lead our division in solving our customers and end users problems by formulating Intel based solutions.  This means I get to hear straight from the customers what would make their products more compelling, productive, and immersive experiences so that their product makes our lives better.  What I love most is hearing the specific examples of how these products make a difference.


On a personal side, I’ve been in Arizona for over  a decade now but I went school at the University of Oregon and got my degree in Finance & Marketing. I also got an MBA from ASU right here in sunny Arizona. I love spending time with my family in the valley of the sun, working out whenever I get the chance, and have an affinity for a really great glass of red wine.


So, that’s a bit about me, maybe you can now share with me? Maybe you can post some of the “cool” places you have seen embedded IA? How do you feel these products make a difference?  Or, do you know of a place where a little more "intelligence" could improve the User Experience so we should try to get Embedded Intel Processor in there to help?  Let me know - I’m all ears  :-)