So, over the last year or so, we've been working ad-hoc to establish a cadre of folks that could be considered "Subject Matter Experts" (SMEs) on various key Embedded topics so you could have a "go-to" guy or gal for areas of interest to you.


At this point, we want to start formalizing the list, so I wanted to share it with you - here it is:



Twitter Handle


Stewart Christie


Intel Atom Processors for Embedded

Conor Clancy


Medical / Military/Aero/Govt (MAG)

Chris Clark


Network Security

Marcos Garcia-Acosta


Education / Robots

Mylinh Gillen


Embedded Software Development Tools

Joel Hoffmann


In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Robert Hunter


Machine-to-Machine or M2M

Drew Jensen


Intel Boot Loader Dev Kit

Jeff Lockerman


Embedded Validation

Eric Mantion


Embedded Social Media Strategist

Shahram Mehraban


Home Energy Management (HEM)

Don Moore


Fitness / Medical

Scott Oehrlein@Intel_ScottVirtualization & Software Topics
Joe Peterson


Embedded Validation

Rose Schooler


General Manager of CID

Jim St. Leger


Comms Infrastructure & Packet Processing

Michelle Tinsley


General Manager of ECD

Brad Vrabete


Digital Signage / Medical


For your convenience, we also have all of the above on a single list in Twitter if you'd just rather follow everyone:!/Geek8ive/Embassadors


So, this Blog Entry will be a "Living Document" => As we add new embassadors in the future, I will update this entry (and the Twitter list) to make life easy!


Also, as an extra bonus - here's a shortened URL if you want to share =>


That's it - a short entry - but give me feedback: Are there Other Areas that You Feel need an Embassador?


Let me know in the comments below