So, I’ll admit it, I’m biased. I love (♥) IDF. I always have, even before joining Intel because I’ve always found that, while it has always Intel at the core (forgive the pun), it has also always been a Mecca of sorts for the technology crowd & there were always plenty of other Tech Companies there, showing their wares & giving you a great feeling for what was “just around the corner.” And, I’ve been to at least half the IDFs over the last decade, so I’ve got some experience behind me when I say this year has really got me excited! Let me share a short list of what I know is happening, then I’ll go into a bit more details of some of them:

  • Keynotes – 3 of them (Tues/Wed/Thurs) by the folks you know & love:
  • Demos – we’ve got at least 10 in our main booth, plus 21 displays from our friends in the embedded business in our Embedded Community as well as a few “special” demos spread around
  • Parties (always the highlight of any tradeshow, right?)
    • A “Secret” party on Tuesday Night
      • All I can say is it is Tuesday Night ((details will be disclosed the 1st day))
    • Customer Networking Event with the Intel® Datacenter & Connected Systems Group (DCSG) 
      • Wednesday, September 14th, The Terrace @ W Hotel, 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm 
  • Embedded (EMB) & Communications (CMI) Classes, Hands-on Labs, & Poster Chats
    • 10 Classes
    • 4 Poster Chats
    • 4 Labs (most of them with a 2nd, duplicate session)
    • The COMPLETE listing will be in a Table at the End!
  • SiMan – “The Intelligent Connected Solutions Man”
    • Our friend will be 18 feet tall & will be a wonderful collaborative activity
    • Come lend a hand putting him together, enter a contest, & get a glow stick
    • The big “GlowTime” event will be Wednesday evening around 6:15 or so
    • This could be one of the most “out-of-the-box” things you’ll ever see at IDF
    • UPDATE: See the Intel Free Press story on SiMan to see a sneak peak of what he looks like
  • Videos – lots & lots of videos – plus Tweets & other Social Media Updates
    • If you want to find me at the show, just look for the camera crew somewhere near the Embedded Booth & that will probably be me with a mic in my hand
    • If you want to give a testimonial on video – hit me up on Twitter & we’ll try to find a time to do it
    • The “official” #HashTag for IDF this year is #IDF2011 so follow that to stay in the know
    • We’ll also be capturing pictures as quick as we can & posting them to our Facebook Page
    • What else should we do? Let me know in the comments below!


So, with the “list” out of the way (Engineers love ordered lists), I will add a few closing comments. First, while I didn’t go through the whole list of all the Demos, I have reviewed them & there is a pretty wide variety that you have to look forward to – from highlights from some of the ROBOTS we’ve done with various college students (like Matt Bunting’s HexaPod Robot & the A-CURV from U of A) – to cool public ready demos’ like the adiVerse Footwear Wall from Adidas & the LEGO Augmented Reality Display – and lots of other cool things.


Secondly, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the full breadth of classes, labs, & poster chats that we’ll be doing at IDF that relate to the Embedded & Communications areas of Intel. I spend some time collecting ALL of the titles (& links you can click to read the full descriptions) because this is a huge breakthrough when you consider that like 3 or 4 years ago, there was real talk about cutting Embedded out of IDF all together because “it wasn’t relevant.” Now, you can see how much the dialogue has shifted & how integral embedded-related topics really are not just to the future of Intel, but to the future of the world in general.


Lastly, I really hope you can carve out just 15 minutes to come visit us in the SiMan Assembly area! Here’s a map of how to get there:



So, that’s it – that’s the highlights – I’ll be working to keep you as up-today as possible on Twitter (as will our official @IntelEmbedded account) & (hopefully) a quick blog at the end of each day. And, before anyone asks, NO, I will NOT be flying the Quadcopter at IDF – I think management learned their lesson & revoked my pilot’s license


Now, it’s your turn – what is getting you excited about at IDF – what do you want us to capture on video if you can’t make it? Let me know in the Comments below & remember:




PS: Follow me on Twitter: @Geek8ive or follow the #HashTag #IDF2011 to stay in the know real time


Session ID





Teaching Embedded to Tomorrow’s Engineers


Hands-on Lab

Intel® Signal Processing Development Kit (SPDK)


Hands-on Lab

Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)



Migrating to Intelligent Service Edge Network Elements



Intel® QuickAssist technology – Accelerate Secure Packets   and Communications Workloads


Poster Chat

Intelligent Advertising Framework


Poster Chat

Smart Surface Computing


Poster Chat

Speed up Software Architecture Migrations with Klocwork*   Insight* Productivity Tools


Hands-on Lab

Embedded Application Graphic and Video Performance with   the Intel® Atom™ Processor E6XX Platform



Using Next Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor (codenamed   Cedarview) in Embedded



Using Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit (BLDK) in   Embedded



Using Second Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (codenamed   Sandy Bridge) in Embedded



Digital Signage - A peek into what the future holds



Wind River Gold Sponsor Session: Accelerating   Machine-to-Machine Through Embedded Software Development



Innovate Embedded Computing Through Collaboration


Poster Chat

Finally, a Great Set of Tools to Create a Custom Embedded   Linux* - The Yocto Project*


Hands-on Lab

Using Full System Simulation for Computing and Embedded   Software Development on Intel® Architecture


Hands-on Lab

Create a Custom Embedded Linux* OS for Any Embedded Device   using the Yocto Project*



Embedded System Tools for Development and Validation of   Intel® Atom™ Processor Based Devices



Intel Architecture Solutions for Embedded Visual Computing