Coast to Coast with Intel Energy and Industrial


There are some exciting events coming up for our Intel Energy and Industrial Automation teams, as well be splitting time on each coast the week of September 12th.


From our Energy segment, Tim Appleton (Business Development Manager) will be in Washington D.C. participating in the annual GridWeek conference as a panelist on the Consumer Connectivity session Were looking forward to the industry coming together to talk about key advancements, opportunities and challenges within the smart grid ecosystem.


Enabling consumers to better understand their energy consumption continues to be a key trend as we all learn to deal with higher prices and time-of-use pricing plans. The Home Energy Management market continues to pick up steam, helping consumers to make energy personal. If you havent seen our proof-of-concept for Home Energy Management, take a look at: The momentum in other key areas of the smart grid also excites us. Continued investment indicates solutions are providing immediate benefit and creating growth in markets like distribution automation and renewables. Lastly, security is becoming a critical area as devices on the grid become more connected. McAfee, the latest addition to the Intel family, has some great technologies focused on addressing security to ensure the smart grid is able to leverage those connected devices and become more autonomous. If you plan on being at GridWeek, you should stop by the Intel booth to discuss your thoughts on the smart grid and learn more about how Intel is impacting the future of energy.


For our Industrial segment, I'll be at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF), in San Francisco September 13-15, where Intel will be debuting an exciting demonstration of Intel Architecture in industrial control applications. Our team came up with a compelling demonstration to show off industrial control and to be candid, this can be challenging. Hats off to the team who created and developed the concept. Its an engaging experience, but the speed with which it was created truly demonstrates the ease of building products based on Intel Architecture. We can't wait to show it off and talk to our customers about how the same technology can be applied to their products. If you're at IDF you must stop by and check out Intel's Industrial Control In Concert demo on the 3rd floor, main concourse, you will NOT be disappointed. For those not able to be at the conference, well get a video of the concert out as soon as possible.