So, that's it, Day 1 is done (we are now into Day 2), but if you can't be with us here at IDF 2011, then I'd like to share with some highlights of what I got out of Day 1!


First, Paul Otellini (our President & CEO) kicked off the day with his Keynote. He touched on a lot of things (see my corporate blog post for a complete run down) but some big picture items was:

  1. Computers have come a long way in the last 30 years since the first IBM PC
  2. A Great Computing Experience needs to be: Engaging, Consistent, and Protected
  3. We've got even more great stuff in the (relatively) near future with Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and other emerging products
  4. The first fruits of the deep collaboration between Intel & McAfee has emerged called: DeepSAFE
  5. Intel & Google will ensure that ALL Future Releases of Android would be FULLY Optimized to run on Intel Processors


To get more, you can read the blog post I posted above or feel free to watch the webcast of the keynote for yourself!


Next, we had the Tech Showcase open & lots of IDF attendees were able to see some great demos of some amazing new usage models we are bringing to the world and many of them helped us to start to put together SiMan - including the world renowned artist


And, on a personal note, I was able to interview several of our executives from the Embedded group to get a feeling from some of the great things going on now &even a peek into what is just over the horizon.


Of course, last but not least, there was a great party at the end of the day with even taking his turn on the 1 & 2. While I’m not at liberty to share pictures from that even, we can share a highlight clip we made that captured some of the above:



There you go, 1 day down, 2 more great days left to go – so let me know what you think in the comments below or follow me (@Geek8ive) or our official Twitter Handle (@IntelEmbedded) or several other “Embedded Superstars” (like @Intel_Stewart, @Intel_Jim, @Intel_Michelle, @Intel_Drew, @Intel_Brad, and @Robert_Hunter) to stay abreast of what is going on up to the minute at the Intel Developer Forum, 2011!