I’ve got to say, I think Day 2 of IDF was better than Day 1 in a lot of ways. If for no better reason than, Mooly Eden, our Corporate Vice President & General Manager of our PC Client Group gave an amazing keynote – with all kinds of great product news including new details about Sandy Bridge, great demos of Ivy Bridge (coming next for Client Processors) and even a real live demonstration of Haswell, the code name that comes after Ivy Bridge. He also told a great story about Ultrabooks, how it is all about enabling people to not only consume content but also, more importantly, create great content. As I watched the details of what Ultrabooks will really be, I only had a 2-word thought:


And, Mooly also had some friends come on stage to talk about some great collaborative work we are doing with other leading technology companies. You can read my blog re-cap of his Keynote to get more details or watch the Webcast of Mooly's Keynote for yourself!

I was also about to grab sometime with General Manager Michelle Tinsley (follow @Intel_Michelle on Twitter) to talk about her impressions of her first IDF, see some more really cool demos, learn more about the Cornell Cup which just started, and of course watching SiMan come to life!

It was a completely full day, but if you weren’t able to join us, we shot a short video so you can get a feeling for what you missed:

So, we’ve got probably about 20 videos that we’ve shot that we will be editing and posting as fast as possible, but in the meantime, let us know in comments below either:

  1. If you came to IDF, what was YOUR favorite part?
  2. If you couldn’t make it to IDF, what have you heard about that you would like to see on video?

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