A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of leading at panel at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston (now part of "Design Days") that was focused on "Mobile Applications for Geeks" - as an outcome of that panel, I promised to post exactly what Apps where shown. So, this is a bit later than I wanted, but I thought I'd throw some of my favorite Apps in and then, perhaps more importantly, ask:


What are YOUR Favorite Geeky Tablet Apps?


First, the list of Apps that were shown. The first person to demonstrate tablet applications was Martin Rowe, Senior Technical Editor of TMW. He showed the following applications:


Now, while Martin showed the above on an iPad, it is worth mentioning that Sonos app, is also available on the Android Market Here (you still need to buy the hardware separately) & while the exact "SoundLevel" app is not on the Android Market, there are a plethora of similar Apps (for example: Sound Meter is rated pretty well).


The second person to demonstrate was René Cacheaux from National Instruments. As I recall, he was showing a LabView app that was a work in progress, but hopefully if you follow him on Twitter (@RCachATX), then when it is ready, he'll let folks know. He had previously shared the NI SRManager that is currently available on iTunes.


Then, batting clean-up was me. Very specifically, the 3 Apps I showed on my Android Honeycomb tablet was:
  • Google Sky Map [FREE] because it is an innovate application that combines GPS & accelerometers so show you what Augmented Reality can be like - you could imagine future uses, such has always knowing where your kids are in the mall, or finding your car in an unfamiliar parking garage or even integrating with other applications or websites like Yelp to find great food spots!
  • Alegeo Graphing Calculator [FREE] because it I remember struggling trying to graph equations years (or according to my son, centuries) ago when I was in college, so I just thought this was cool for when you need a quick graph - other useful [FREE] calculators I looked at include:  
    • Cube Calculator [FREE] - lots of good functions like Binary <=> Hex / Time Calculations / Percentages
    • handyCalc Calculator [FREE] - amazing solving features / stunning graphs / currency conversions
    • Arity Calculator [FREE] - spectacular surface graphs that you can rotate, zoom, etc.
    • CalcBuddy Calculator [FREE] - relatively simple calculator, BUT it has a staggering number of built-in constants
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors/Lizard/Spock - I honestly can't remember which I showed, but here are 2 great ones:  


Keep in mind, I showed the 3 Apps above because we were going for 1 innovative app, 1 useful one, and 1 fun one. However, if you are considering picking up an Android Honeycomb tablet for yourself, here are my Top 10 Apps that I would personally (as in, me, just me, nobody else but me) recommend:
  1. Amazon App Store [FREE] - 1 FREE App EVERY Day (& there have been some great ones) - 'nuff said
  2. Twitter App [FREE] - integrates your Twitter Contacts with your Gmail Contacts (not perfect, but solid)
  3. Facebook App [FREE] - similar to Twitter, syncs your Facebook Friends with you Gmail Contacts (not perfect, but solid)
  4. Astro File Manager [FREE] - one of the best File Managers on the market - but be sure to get the Bluetooth Module too!
  5. Evernote [FREE] - OMG, being able to quickly scratch stuff down makes this nearly invaluable for me  
    • PS: I wrote this Blog in Evernote - also get the browser plug-ins & desktop clients
    • PSS: the _only_ drawback to Evernote is that there is NO Linux Client (at least "yet")
  6. Network Info II [FREE] - 1 app to know your Cellular/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS stats all together  
  7. MX Video Player [FREE] - a brilliant video player that plays just about every format (.flv, .mp4, .wmv, even .3gp)  
    • Don't forget to get the appropriate CoDec for your device (v7, v6, etc.)
  8. Super Tool Box [FREE] - TaskKiller, Apps2SD, Purge Cache, Monitor Battery, & more - so many good things in 1 app!
  9. Google Goggles [FREE] - can read QR codes, translate foreign languages (printed), and (marginally) read business cards
  10. FREEdi YouTube Downloader [FREE] - because you can download like 30 YouTube videos to take on a flight with you  
    • Note: The link above is through the Amazon Android App Store, so make sure you get #1 before you get #10


<rant> So, like all "great app suggestions," this one comes with all the normal caveats - I'm not responsible for what you download or don't download & what they do or do not do to your system, be a grown up, read the EULAs before you click 'OK,' and ESPECIALLY look at the permissions you are granting that app. In my experience, if the app needs the Internet (because it is grabbing stock quotes) but will also tap my GPS (why do you need to know where I am to give me stock quotes?), I say "no thank you." So, use any of the above suggestions at your own risk, look both ways before crossing the street, void where prohibited by law, and other really silly statements that, if we really live in a world full of grown-up, we wouldn't need </rant>


However, please let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to write more like this in the future, such as::
  1. All the above are what I've loaded on my Tablet, where I have a lot more memory available - my "phone" list is different - interesting?
  2. You will notice the above has no games, I have lots of games, but that would warrant an entirely separate list - interesting?
  3. PLEASE add a short comment below on: What Apps Do YOU like on YOUR Tablet (even if it's an iPad)


Or post a comment on anything else you want ;-)