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Robotics Club Gets Show-and-Tell Session with Intel Engineer

A visit from an Intel engineer and his radio-controlled netbook gave robotics club members at Gilbert Classical Academy a chance for a high-tech show-and-tell session last week.


Stewart Christie, a product marketing engineer from Intel, showed students how the Pelikan Quadcopter from Ascending Technologies was built and operated. “This system has been featured in industry trade shows where it always draws a crowd,” said Christie. “It can be operated via radio control and features an array of sensors that read like a features-list for a high-tech phone—cameras, USB ports, Bluetooth, digital compass, and even a GPS system that can be used to help the robot maintain its position automatically.”


Students in the 10-person robotics group were able to ask questions and examine the quadcopter after a flying demonstration. “Most of the students in robotics are interested in pursuing education and careers in engineering fields,” said club sponsor Althea Carling, a physics and chemistry teacher at the school. “The club also provides outside class activities that help them to learn about different electronic components involved with computer programming.”


The robotics club meets during the high school’s lunch period on Wednesdays.


Photos courtesy of Gilbert Public Schools




The Pelikan Quadcopter flying over the Gilbert Classical Academy.


Intel engineer Stewart Christie explains to

students the capabilities of the flying netbook.



This article appeared in the Gilbert Public Schools Newsletter. Thanks to Brenda Morreim from their Community Relations Dept,