Are you going to RSA Conference this week? If so, please stop by and visit with 6WIND and BroadWeb. We’ll be discussing the Integrated Software Solution for Intrusion Prevention that we announced on February 24.


As mentioned in that announcement, 6WIND and BroadWeb have worked together to develop a pre-integrated software solutions for IPS systems, which will accelerating OEMs’ time-to-market while at the same time delivering industry-leading performance.


As readers of this blog will know, the proliferation of network applications such as gaming and peer-to-peer file sharing has created business-critical challenges for network administrators and service providers. Networks must be constantly monitored for intellectual property leakage and other types of abuse.


While Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology provides network administrators with better visibility and control, it’s important for the DPI subsystem to perform at line rate while incorporating signatures that precisely describe the behavior of attack and applications. That’s the key issue that 6WIND and BroadWeb have addressed through an integration of their respective technologies.


By integrating the 6WINDGate™ packet processing software with BroadWeb’s DPI engine, the two companies have provided a best-in-class solution for network security appliances. Performing single-pass scanning, the combined solution delivers a throughput of 20Gbps per core on a dual Intel® Xeon® processor platform with a clock speed of 2.67GHz. The overall system-level performance of the combined solution scales linearly with the number of processor cores configured to run 6WINDGate, enabling OEMs to deliver network security products that simultaneously perform both IPS and Application Identification functions at line rate.”


With DPI technology being widely integrated into network appliances, this partnership overcomes the performance bottleneck of DPI technology and offers OEMs improved time-to-market along with high efficiency. The combined solution can easily be integrated into a variety of network devices targeted at both telecommunication and enterprise markets.


We’ll be featuring this solution, as well as the rest of product lines, in our booths at RSA Conference this week (6WIND: booth 242, BroadWeb: booth 2133). Hope to see you there!