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Webinar Abstract

Today, there are over 12 billion connected devices. This number is expected to triple or quadruple over the next several years as connectivity rapidly expands beyond phones and tablets. With the explosion of network connected devices, the impact on existing infrastructure will create profound challenges for equipment providers and operators.


To meet these challenges, the network infrastructure and the elements that serve as the gateways and sentries have no choice but to gain the sophistication to efficiently increase throughput and performance, smartly throttle network traffic to deliver a higher quality of service, and protect the network and its content from constant attempts at security breaches. In addition, Operators require greater visibility into the data flowing through their networks to analyze, monetize, and take action as


This webinar will cover:

  • How to achieve breakthrough packet throughput performance using advanced multicore technologies
  • Learn about scalable and efficient execution of control and data plane applications into one system
  • New, cost effective software approaches for deep packet inspection implementations of flow analysis, and content inspection



Mike Langlois-Vice President and General Manager Networking and Telecom Solutions


Steve Konish

Director of Product Management