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How often that your smart engineers do not have enough hardware or development platforms to work with and that limit their productivities? How much time is spent waiting for the brand new hardware to arrive, to get assembled, and get OS and software installed, before software and test activities can begin? What if there is a technology out there that allows you to build your own full system simulation solution for your own products? What if this technology can be easily get reused and extended to build prototype for your solutions years down the road, and you can even start writing software for the new products that do not yet exist?


Wind River, a subsidiary of Intel, has announced that it now supports Intel® next generation communication platform, code named Crystal Forest. Wind River provides licenses to use Simics technology and also provides professional services to customers to help them use Simics to build solutions with improved quality and go to market sooner. An example below shows Wind River Simics network demo using Crystal Forest virtual hardware. With features provided by Simics technology, developers not only can run, stop, debug, test software solutions, but also can also get access to system attributes behind the scene.




Teaming up with Intel, Wind River has announced that free evaluation of Simics Crystal Forest is now available for qualified customers. Developers can accelerate software development, testing and integration by utilizing a simulation model of the Crystal Forest platform provided by Wind River Simics*. With Simics, users can model any Crystal Forest target configuration and then run unmodified target software on that model. Wind River Simics enables developers to do software development, operating-system optimization and application development more efficiently.


The models can be extended and modified to support OEM-specific Crystal-Forest based designs.



Follow “request Evaluation” link on Wind River Simics website:


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