Last week as a Premier Sponsor of the MicroTCA Summit in Chantilly, Virginia, Kontron observed the rising interest levels in MicroTCA among customers across all market spaces. With a varied audience and plenty of industry support, MicroTCA is set to make big waves across all markets, namely Defense, Aerospace and Communications. Kontron is excited to be part of this revolution and is constantly adding new MicroTCA integrated platforms and AdvancedMCs to our portfolio.


Kontron recently published another article on MicroTCA which is running in the May edition of RTC magazine. “MicroTCA on the Road to Stardom” is co-authored by David Pursley and Sven Fruedenfeld, both of whom spoke at the Summit last week.


What are your thoughts on MicroTCA across the major market spaces?






Sara Fest

Associate Product Marketing Manager

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