Recently, I was asked to comment on the impact of the sub-five watt, 45nm architecture. -- It's incredible! The Intel Atom processors deliver when it comes to performance, low power consumption and especially size. Because we've been witness to shrinking processors and their lowering TDPs, it's foreseeable that this trend soon will be applied to multi-core processors. It's music to the ears of mobile computer designers who've already been quick to adopt dual and quad-core processors for tablet-size solutions.






The migration path to multi-core, single-hand-held solutions has been blazed. The nanoETXexpress specification offers the wide-range power supply support needed for battery-powered designs and it's compatible with the COM Express Type I pin-out defined by PICMG. Best of all, it's the exact footprint requested time and again by designers to fit in the palm of their hand. Now, as the first fist-held solutions are developing around Intel Atom processor based "Nano" form factor COM Express compatible computer-on-modules (example: nanoETXexpress-SP), future upgrades to multi-core processors will be just that - upgrades, not whole new developments. Imagine the possibilities because this is just the beginning.







Christine Van De Graaf



Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division



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