Recent buzz about the 3G iPhone got me thinking about graphics

and video. The iPhone supports OpenGL ES, which provides a 3D rendering system

that can be hardware accelerated, as well as “amazingly zippy” downloads per Steve

Jobs. Network connectivity with ease of downloading content is going to spur demand

for excellent graphics/video in the consumer iPhone and in embedded systems. As you

would expect the embedded market is going to want to take iPhone graphics capabilities

several steps further. For smaller portable embedded products Kontron’s new KTUS15/mITX,

with Intel® Atom™ and Intel® US15 embedded chipset on a miniITX motherboard, or

nanoETXexpress-SP (55 mm x 84 mm) and microETXexpress-SP

(95x95mm) COM Express™ compatible modules offer Intel® GMA 500 for advanced

integrated 3D graphics and HD video decode. We find that Intel’s

multi-threading solution provides our customers with increased flexibility of a

fully programmable pipeline for easier feature upgrades along with simultaneous

processing of graphics and video threads needed for emerging applications. This

solution ensures excellent graphics/video capability for the smallest of

embedded systems.





But is that enough? When I think about graphics and video

for embedded systems I like to ponder gaps that may cause usage model

headaches. For the Intel® System Controller Hub US15W it looks like Intel has

done a good job anticipating the embedded community’s needs. With the fully

optimized hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, VC1 and WMV9 and 4 HD audio

streams, developers are better able to maintain thread synchronization while

designing parallel code to take full advantage of the multi-core processing

power for graphics/video rich applications.





Of course with innovation there are always new applications

that may require some additional SDVO assistance from Kontron to push the

graphic/video capabilities in custom solutions. Now that I just paid $4.75/gallon for

premium gas for my SUV, I am anticipating that the auto industry may want to offer

more impressive gas security than alocking cap. How about adding another

Intel Atom camera system with video encodingcapabilities to watch that investment?





Kontron – Nancy Pantone



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