Just as we are consistently aware of cost per gallon a

gasoline, IT managers are looking at the cost per gigabyte. Old formulas looked

at the cost per gigabyte of storage since the corporate databases relied on

data storage. Now with the Internet boom and the needs to support remote data

access, Kontron has observed that IT managers are also looking at the cost per

gigabyte of data throughput, blending the system storage and usage costs into a

more accurate number when considering system ROI. Customization

services can maximize storage as needed for emerging system configurations.






An interesting example of the changing way the world is

looking at cost per gigabyte is the 3G iPhone. The cost in the US of the 8 GB iPhone

went down by 50\%, giving the user a smaller cost per gigabyte of storage, while

the cost of the data service from AT&T went up by 50\% for consumer plans. There

is a 20 month breakeven which should seem pretty attractive to users even with

a 2-year contract. Since data usage charges are for unlimited use – the more

data the lower the ongoing cost per gigabyte.





For the IT manager the enterprise Internet access costs and

the equipment costs are an important piece of the overall cost per gigabyte

formula. Kontron has new IU and 2U network platforms, the KNP-1000 and KNP-2000,

that are ideal for minimizing cost per gigabyte by taking advantage of the dual-core

Intel® Xeon 3000 Sequence processorand Intel® 3100 chipset and optional

rear hot-swap SATA hard drives, to help the enterprise accelerate and manage

traffic. Kontron customers have cited that the combined cost per gigabyte on

the system with network access is significantly reduced of late.





It may be time to start referring to cost per terabyte.





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