We’ve been waiting for the transition to DDR3 memory in embedded chipsets since the new memory became available in 2007. Unlike the move from DDR to DDR2, this transition is expected to be speedy as the performance gains and the lower power requirements outweigh the price differential. I am happy to say the newly released RadiSys Procelerant CEGM45, based on Intel’s Core 2 Duo T9400, has DDR3 memory.


Not every COM Express module based on the GM45 Express will have DDR3 memory - the chipset can support DDR2 or DDR3, but not both. The module supplier must choose the memory type during design – something to look for when choosing a next generation



RadiSys is big on DDR3. Data rates are twice as fast and use a clock rate of 800-1600 MHz rather than the 400-800MHz on DDR2. The chips run 20-30\% cooler due to the 1.5V supply voltage versus the 1.8V supply on DDR2. These are BIG gains in the

performance/power trade-off of a COM Express module.


Price is always an issue – and DDR3 is higher at this point – but we believe that the price crossover point is going to be here soon, likely before you have carrier prototypes in-hand, so now is the time to make the jump. Technology, as you know, moves fast. Half the work is in determining where this price-performance crossover point is ahead of your competitors. We’re betting on DDR3 now.


Check out what memory vendors have to say:










Jennifer Zickel

Product Manager, COM Express Product Line



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