I had the privilege of supporting a recent RadiSys design win for technology used by The People's Republic of China to broadcast the 2008 Beijing Olympics via Internet TV in the southern province of Guangdong. We're proud to be a part of the Olympics - and what a ringing endorsement for the ATCA form factor!


Besides the fact that the Olympics is one of my favorite sporting events, the ability of a customer to take a COTS ATCA platform 2 months prior to deployment and integrated their leading edge applications and integrate them into a live network prior to the event is equivalent to setting a world record 100 meter dash!


The RadiSys ATCA application-ready platform is anchored on Intel Architecture server blades and is ready for expansion as network demands pick up. The Olympics will be delivered like never before - whether you're watching Ping Pong on your mobile phone or real-time baseball streaming from multiple monitors at an Internet Cafe. I imagine this as a decathlon event for ATCA and I am excited by the chance to be a part of bringing the Olympic experience to many of the citizens around the world. If anybody else has an Olympic story built on ATCA, send in to the blog


Keate Despain

Sr. Director

ATCA Product Line Management



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