Multi-core, multi-display, fully-featured, energy-saving, and mobility? What else are you looking for in a tiny board? Is it be feasible to have such board embedded with all these features and still squeeze them into small form factor? Yes, it is. There is no doubt that applications are getting more and more complex than before, so a small board is not good enough to meet all requirements and its features are limited. The balance between size and functionality is always a dilemma for a product planner. There is no definitive answer between the struggle of what feature must go and what must stayt. Fortunately with Intel's newly launched Montevina platform this problem is resolved.


Advantech's GM45 Express based Mini ITX motherboard is the enable to boost up the embedded applications without any additional modules. The Intel GM45 Express chipset is equipped with rich I/O connectivity and supports a 45nm based Core 2 Duo mobile processor that is well-suited for today's and tomorrow's embedded applications. In addition to analog VGA and LVDS panel support, GM45 provides a cost-effective way to support digital display devices, such as DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. This great feature supports a variety of display devices in one PCB design. The highly integrated Mini ITX motherboard has a compact size of 6.69" x 6.69" , and is a truly all-in-one platform that not only resolves space constraint concerns but also fulfills the strong demand for multi-core, rich I/O connectivity and expandability. The Mini ITX motherboard brings more opportunities to employ a small form factor board for performance and feature demanding applications.