…when you’re just back from vacation, reading this blog and wondering how you’re going to architect your next project. You’ll have heard of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA but are they suitable? Maybe your application is not telecom related but does have a communication aspect?


Well, for a relatively minor outlay there are a number of events coming up that will enable you to see the rapidly expanding range of Intel x86 based processor AMCs and xTCA systems available. In addition to tabletop exhibitions where you actually get to see and touch the products, you can talk to the technical experts. These events tend to have comprehensive speaking programs covering a variety of compelling topics from keynotes and industry perspectives to detailed technical workshops.


MicroTCA Conference 2008, September 24th at Reading, UK http://www.mtcacon-uk.com/


ATCA/uTCA Special Focus Workshop as part of the 2008 Nuclear Science Symposium, October 18-19th at Dresden, Germany, http://www.nss-mic.org/2008/NSSMain.asp


AdvancedTCA Summit featuring MicroTCA, October 21-23rd at Santa Clara, CA, USA, http://www.advancedtcasummit.com/ Rose Schooler, General Manager of Intel’s Performance Products Division in the Embedded Computing Group will be giving a keynote on Network 2015 along with other industry luminaries such as our own Shlomo Pri-Tal.


Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2008, October 21-22nd at Stockholm, Sweden, http://www.embeddedconference.se/index.php?Itemid=47


If you want to learn more about xTCA and AMC technology, then attending one of these events can be a very effective use of your time. While I’d like to think you’d come straight to the Emerson Network Power booth, the best thing about all these shows is the diversity of content you will see. There are an amazing number of modules, carriers, systems and other assorted building blocks available today, and it is possible to construct many more solutions off the shelf for fast prototyping and development.


There is one other event worth mentioning, although it is not open to the public, and that is the latest Advanced Interoperability Workshop (AIW) which is being held in Germany during September. The AIW gives engineers the chance to do detailed interop between all the elements of a system including the chassis, power modules, processors and switches and enables them to iron out any issues before making these products available to the public. At some point in the future, the Communications Platform Trade Association www.cp-ta.org will formally certify products. Meanwhile, the work of the AIW continues to make AMC ‘plug and play’ a reality in most instances.


Have a great summer and perhaps I’ll see you at one of these events!

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