We have been designing single board computers for compute-intensive industrial applications at Trenton for long time now. Is there anybody out there old enough to remember the 8088 processor? I wouldn't say that "we've seen it all" over these past thirty years, but we've seen our fair share of processor advances and architecture changes. The one thing that has remained constant over this time period is that as processing speed and capability kept increasing, so did the heat generated by the CPU. That is, until now.


We're very pleased that this processing capability vs. thermals SBC design paradigm at our end of the embedded computing application spectrum is finally starting to shift in the customer's favor with the advent of multi-core processing processor architectures from Intel®. In our product line the Trenton SLT/SLIseries of PICMG® 1.3 single board computers or system host boards (SHBs) were the first products to use low power, dual-core Intel® Xeon® processors to provide superior system performance with a low-profile thermal solution. The low-profile heat sinks and the lower CPU power ratings of these SBCs has enabled us to deliver system solutions that use a six-segment backplane to incorporate up to 24 processing cores in a single 4U, 19" rackmount computer. Here are some of the system design details on this Cluster Computing.





Next time we'll discuss the systems we are delivering with Trenton MCX/MCG series SBCs using the Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors Series 5400 (a.k.a. Harpertown) in a few military and  Internet protocol (IPTV) applications.



Jim Renehan

Trenton Technology Inc.





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