Did you know that the RadiSys Procelerant™ CEGM45 COM Express family supports both the Intel® GM45 and Intel GS45 chipsets? The chipsets have the same functionality, but the GM45 was released in July with the larger 35mm x 35mm package while the GS45 was released August in the smaller 22mm x 22mm package. The GM45 is validated with the high performance 2.53GHz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9400 processor while the GS45 is validated with the Intel® 1.86GHz SL9400, 1.2GHz SU9300, 2.26GHz SP9300 Core™ 2 Duo and Intel® Celeron® 722 processors.


Why does this matter? It matters if you need the performance of the T9400 processor. The GM45 and GS45 require different board designs due to the package size. The RadiSys Procelerant CEGM45 family contains two board designs so you can have the option of choosing the processor that best meets your price / performance / power needs. From a user perspective - I don't care if it is a small or large package – I just want the processor module that optimizes my system.


We couldn't ignore the T9400 processor. The combination of the T9400 processor and GM45 chipset hit the higher end processing needs of processing-intensive applications such as medical and machine imaging, test and measurement, and communications platforms. Feature such as 8GB DDR3 memory, 6MB cache, and SSE4 SIMD instruction enhancements, four SATA ports, and Gigabit Ethernet combine with the T9400 processor to maximize the performance vector of the Procelerant CEGM45 product family.


So, small package, large package, what ever package – know that RadiSys has already taken care of it for you. Your processor options are wide open.


Jennifer Zickel

Product Manager, COM Express Product Line


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