My best friend sold her house today. In the midst of the

gloom and doom of foreclosures a normal house sale went through. It got me

thinking about the high tech business where there is still plenty of buying and

selling going on if the products fit the needs. In today's environment,

companies making major investments in embedded industrial servers

want to get the exact configuration that suits their needs.

Just as my friend selected the flooring and cabinets in her new home,

companies should select a vendor that offers a full range of CPU/chipsets,

memory, drives and accessories for embedded multicore server systems purchases.








Moving single core applications to multicore processing

involves investing resources to take advantage of the resource allocation and

capacity management capabilities of multicore. It is a lasting decision. The

payoff is improved application performance. Selecting the right system

configuration is part of the transition process.





Once the decision to migrate an application to a multi-core

industrial server has been made, that decision should not have to be re-evaluated just

to deploy additional industrial servers. Kontron realizes the importance

of helping customers choose the right server for their long term needs

and the value of long term support.







Kontron - Nancy Pantone



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