Around this time of year there tends to be a flurry of activity in most companies as

product families are created or updated for the coming year. Concept designs

and platforms can be used to test customer interest at tradeshows and on

roadshows so that specifications can be finalized to maximize market appeal. When

resources are tight it is a good idea for OEMs to find a partner to help them

get the show on the road.


Custom system design services can quickly get you a prototype of your product

idea. By turning ideas into reality, you can gather customer input and mitigate your risk when

entering a new product category or utilizing a new product technology, such as

multicore, content security or advanced management technologies. By selecting a

vendor with a broad product line of motherboards, SBCs and systems as your design

partner you can make sure that you achieve the optimum configuration. Once you have

zeroed in on a processor, your design partner should use the chipset designed for

that processor, so that you can access to the full capabilities and performance of the



What does that mean to you? If your vision is a new fanless small form factor system,

you can take advantage of the Intel GMA 500 controller that supports full hardware acceleration

of H.264, MPEG2, VC1 and WMV9, as well as up to 4 streams of HD audio by using

the Kontron KTUS15/minITX motherboard with the Intel® Atom™ and the Intel®

System Controller Hub US15W combination.











Get ready for 09.




















Kontron – Nancy Pantone



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